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Chris von Görstinger christophgerstbauer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 11:22:00 CET 2022


I am new to the Matroska user list, so maybe this question was already ask
once in the last years. As I could see a lot of work went into the MKV
But that still has to ask if it was forgotten or if it was knowingly left
out. And I don't want to step on anyone's toes here ;).

I am coming from the long term archiving world (lossless codecs).
We are archiving PCM AUDIO 24bit in BWF Files and VIDEO files with FFV1/AVI.

As you know the EBU recommends to write a coding history into BWF files:
Direct File Link:

This recommendation was the basis of this very well made recommendation
from mediaarea.net. It specifies a coding history for AVI files using the
IMIT tag within the LIST-INFO chunk of an AVI file.

So when I read the MKV specification I was expecting ...not the same coding
history list for AVI but something similar, because FFV1 MKV is and will be
THE long term archiving format.
So the only 2 tags I could use (or I found) were:

The time that the item was transferred to a digital medium. This is akin to
the “IDIT” tag in [@?RIFF.tags].

Describes the original type of the media, such as, “DVD”, “CD”, “computer
image,” “drawing,” “lithograph,” and so forth. This is akin to the “TMED”
tag in [@!ID3v2].
Example value: VID/A/PAL/BETACAMSP
(see TMED at https://id3.org/id3v2.3.0)

So I can set the date of digitizing the analog/digital video tape and the
tape type. (VHS, Betacam, Umatic, IMX etc).


1.) Is it somehow planned for the final MKV spec to add a coding history
for the Segment Information, so that within the MKV a tag is saved with a
video coding history with the "language" similar to the EBU and
mediaarea.net recommendation?:

Video "CODING_HISTORY" example from mediaarea.net:
R=source object,MD=S-VHS,T=tape1234
TBC,SG=component,T=S-VHS deck
R=captureDevice,MN=Blackmagic-Design,MD=Decklink Studio
SDI,SN=xyz6789,ST=7.5 IRE,VE=2.0.3
R=captureSoftware,MN=Blackmagic-Design,MD=Media Express,VE=2.0.3

2.) Is maybe a EBU recommendation already planned for a video coding
(Waiting for EBU acceptance of the Mediaarea rec. or waiting for the EBU
itself to release a new coding history rec.?)

3.) Are there somewhere else tags I can use for describing a coding history?

br Christoph
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