[Matroska-users] 3D Stereoscopy "first"?

Marcus Sundman sundman at iki.fi
Mon Dec 6 18:02:26 CET 2021


What's the definition of "first" in the various 3D stereoscopy options?

E.g., what does "Side-by-side (right first)" mean? Does it mean that the 
for the right eye is on the left side? Or is it an indication of the
interlacing field order the display device should use (e.g., the top 
most line
in my TV is visible only through the right eye lens)?

If "first" means "left-most" or "top-most" or "earlier in the stream" or
something like that, then could the docs be updated to reflect the 
Actually, regardless of what it means it would be great if the docs would
reflect the definition.


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