[Matroska-users] Getting VP8 frames from mkv file

Austin Einter austin.einter at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 09:33:40 CET 2017

I am in process of implementing a streaming application. Where I have a mkv
file, I need to read video frames from mkv file, I need to stream it to
remote chrome browser to play it (its a webrtc call).

I am successful in parsing the mkv file (like clusters, simple blocks etc).
But I have lots of question in respect to how to relates to VP8 encoded

I am able to extract payload from simpleblocks and sending those to chrome
over RTP (after webrtc call established) as per timestamp we read from mkv
file. Chrome is not playing it.

So my question is VP8 encoded frames and a simpleblock data in a mkv file,
how these two are related. Am I correct to assume one simpleblock data
corresponds to one frame in VP8.

If any of you has done a streaming onto a browser, can you guide me, give a
mkv file, how can we get video frame by frame.

Best Regards,
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