[Matroska-users] MKVToolNix v12.0.0 released

Sebastian G. <bastik> bastik.public.mailinglist at gmx.de
Sat May 20 20:57:01 CEST 2017

20.05.2017, 20:40 Moritz Bunkus:
> Windows users should note that starting with v11.0.0 the GUI requires
> Microsoft's "Media Foundation" framework to be installed.


may I ask what change introduced that dependency?

Contrary to my initial believe that this would be either due to the
audio playback feature or the shutdown/stand-by/hibernate function, the
FAQ states:

"This has to be installed, otherwise the GUI won't run."

what makes me now believe something else has changed.

Because if it would be due to the changes mentioned it would be
reasonable to assume that the GUI would still be functional, just that
those features would not be working if the required libraries are missing.


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