[Matroska-users] Max value for VINT

Ion Iovu ion at iovu.io
Mon Sep 5 21:46:56 CEST 2016

Hi guys. 

I'd like to know what the maximum value for the VINT is. The RFC draft <https://matroska.org/contact/index.html> page mention examples of VINT values with up to a tail of 3 bytes, however no mention of any upper limit for VINT is mentioned.

It can be inferred from the following text:

“Since the highest value is used for unknown size the effective maximum data size is 2^56-2, using variable size integer width 8.”

that particularly for element sizes you can only go to at most 8 bytes (a tail of 7 bytes), 
2^56-1 is a reserved one, and valid values are in the range 0..2^56-2

However, that does not mean the VINT as a data type is limited by that value.

Is it possible to go with a VINT_ALIGNMENT of more than 8 bits?

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