[Matroska-users] .mka HD-DTS 5.1 stream

András Kozák andrecashiragi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 15:41:55 CEST 2015

Dear Matroska support team!

I’ve got a question, what i did not find on the net…

First i tell you how my system built up: i got a strong/fast wifi router, an apple tv, an MBP, an UPNP/DLNA AV system (home theater amplifier) which wired to the router.

And there is the problem: I would like to stream .mka files (HD-dts 5.1) from my MAC to the amplifier, and i tried lot of possible ways to absolve that, but i can only hear it in stereo (2 channels).

Once a PS3 media server what i used, can play in multi channel, but the sound is ugly, messy, unlistenable.

(When i stream .mkv files with Beamer app, its working correctly, there is DolbyDigital, DTS, and everything… but Beamer not support .mka files…)

Can you tell me a possible way to manage that issue, or i will need a “cable”?

Sorry for my English…

Thank you,
have a nice day,


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