[Matroska-users] mktoolnix v7.9.0 mmg bug

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Sat May 30 09:14:30 CEST 2015


thanks for the effort.

> Tested on WindowsXP systems(and still works on my 8.1 x64 system).

How did you test it? That particular function is used for determining
whether or not the application is installed, and with that knowledge the
application (mkvmerge GUI and MKVToolNix GUI) decides where to store the
settings: either in the registry (if the key is present) or in an .ini
file in the same directory as the .exe (if the key isn't
present). Please make sure that both cases actually work.

> I can say bootstrapping build environment(and still it is not stable)
> took 99% of time. You definitely should consider to make possible to
> build project on Windows using native compiler(mingw or VC).

I'm sorry, but I have no interest whatsoever in spending time on build
systems that I neither use (native mingw) nor know anything about in the
first place (VC). Additionally generating build files is something that
requires constant maintenance (e.g. adding new files, dealing with new
file types like Qt's UI files etc), therefore adding such a system once
and then forgetting about it would lead to a non-working build system in
almost no time.

This isn't just a theoretical concern; it has already happened in the
past when someone dumped a VC 7 based build system on my, I applied it,
but that person didn't keep maintaining it. Therefore two years later
another user tried that build system, noted that it didn't work at all
anymore, and I have remove it since.

> >>>>>> BEGIN PATCH

After verifying that it actually works as intended can you please send
me the patch as an attachment? It makes using it much easier for
me and doesn't run the risk of the mailer (either yours or mine)
modifies it in any way. Thanks.

> 2. I do not understand what this code located in common section. Why
> check for "mmg.exe" "installation" linked into all other tools?

The installer writes that particular key. Even if it's named after one
GUI it really is more a marker that the application has been installed
and is not used as the portable version. Both mmg.exe (the old GUI) and
MKVToolNix GUI (the new GUI) use that function; therefore it currently
resides in the common library.

Once support for wxWidgets (and with it for the old GUI) will have been
removed I will probably remove that function altogether in favor of
using Qt's Windows access functions.

> ( And I do not understand reasons to do that checks, however that is
> not my business).

I've described what it's supposed to do at the top. Like I said please
test that it actually does what it is supposed to do; I don't want to
apply untested code.

Kind regards,
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