[Matroska-users] MKVToolNix GUI (7.9.0) feedback

Sebastian G. <bastik> bastik.public.mailinglist at gmx.de
Sun May 10 20:36:15 CEST 2015


this is just some feedback on the new GUI (7.9.0). Windows 7 64bit,
normal DPI, standard tab-bar.

The binary of it on Windows 7 64bit is 21MB big, while mmg is 15MB big.
Why is that GUI so much bigger, considering it doesn't have all features
implemented, like the info. (mkvinfo is 19MB big, so that would have
been plausible)

The properties window in the Input tab shows a scroll-bar, even if the
window is maximized and there is no reason to scroll as all option are

The black vertical bar on the left is longer than the box right to it.

The window was not maximized by default and this made me find the "Add
files" very easily, but I wondered how appending files works. I went to
the Attachments tab, before and it had the "Add files" button, which I
assumed would allow me to add attachments like cover-art or fonts for
subtitles. It turned out that I had to right-click in the Attachments
tab to add any file I would want there. This was not obvious to me.

At the same time it was not obvious that I had to right-click in the
Input tab to append files. The box could have a description asking the
user to input files with a right-click. This description would be only
visible while no file has been added. (Could be used for the attachments
as well.)

mmg presented a muxing window, while MKVToolNix does not. I hit "Start
muxing" and it was like nothing happened, but the file was successfully
merged. It took 0 seconds. There was no visual feedback about the
successful merge. Nothing like a note in the status bar, therefore I
assumed it had failed. Maybe the GUI can have an option to jump to the
"Job Output" when the muxing starts or when it is finished. The file was
muxed, but with a warning that was never brought to my attention.

The warning was about the file might not be playing well, because of the
time-codes. If that would have been the case and the user did not see
the warning, he might blame your tool.

Due to the right-clicking in the Input tab where the files are, I
right-clicked where the tracks are to see what I can do there. Select
them all, enable or disable them all. Would be nice to see "xyz all for
this type" and maybe even "xyz all from the same source".

Since stuff works with a mouse, I double-clicked on the "Mux this" check
mark with a written yes to try to toggle it to an red cross with a
written no. This did not work, but it would be convenient if it would
have worked. Maybe this is not expected by others to behave that way,
but I tried it because it was intuitive to me. Maybe it also possible to
"yz this track".

xyz = select, enable, disable

The Edit headers tab (Header Editor, which I call H├Žditor) greets me
with the info that no file has been opened yet. It would be nice if
there would be button or a link, right there to open a file. Maybe it
would be helpful if the info mentioned that "CTRL+O" can be used to open
a file. This is true for the Edit chapters tab as well. (Right clicking
does not open a menu to open files either, I did not expect it, but gave
it a try since it worked in other places.)

When I try to open a file that contains no chapters it get "File parsing
failed" with the info that the file does not contain any chapters. So
far so correct. It would be nice to point the user in the right
direction, like "but you can create them with this editor by clicking
'Chapter Editor -> New' and merge them with the merge function."

Creating a new Chapter file presents an empty box. Again the user has to
right-click. The options "Add edition before" and "Add edition
after"seem strange as there is no entry before or after anything could
be placed. Maybe the Chapter Editor could create an Edition for new
files. Maybe even with a sub-chapter for that Edition as this is where
users start.

The preference has an option called "Warn before overwriting existing
items." which is not remembered so I assume is not working, yet. It
would also be nice if there would be an option to get prompted before
closing a file or the program if there are unsaved changes. Would be
pretty bad for the user who created chapters, forgets to save or
accidentally closes the application.

There is no help menu or about menu where a user can get to
https://www.bunkus.org  or github for additional help.

This is just some feedback on the GUI or related, nothing that is a bug
or a feature request, but if anything in here should be a ticket (an
issue) I can create them. I understand that development is not done, yet
with all of the details.

BTW: Without knowing the history of MKVtoolNix and its GUIs it appears
strange that something with version 7.9.0 has unimplemented features.

Best regards,

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