[Matroska-users] MKV with different languages in the video-stream(s)?

Sebastian G. <bastik> bastik.public.mailinglist at gmx.de
Thu Jun 4 19:35:11 CEST 2015


this is all theoretic, but it would have use cases.

Video tracks can contain written text in a specific language, like the
Star-Wars intro, opening notes in general, credits, location/date of the
current scene.

If I am correct some movies and series get released in different
languages related to the video stream. (Only one language is shown per
movie, but there are multiple version of the video-stream in different

Documentations (for German and French, ARTE comes to mind) show
on-screen descriptions in multiple languages. (One language is shown
after another.)

The question is if it would be possible to craft a matroska file where a
player selects only the relevant parts to display them?

For some stuff it seems the content would have be designed to allow such
a file.

Maybe a video-stream contains only the video image without any written
text and multiple video-streams contain the written text in each
language. The player would play the first video-stream and overlay it
with another video-stream in the language the user desires.

Is such an overlay method possible with matroska? (Only related to
container. I am aware that it would not be supported by players.)

Maybe editions would work for content that holds the languages in
different video-streams. So a matroska file would contain the
video-stream of the German intro text, the video-stream of the English
intro text, the main movie video stream, small chunks of video-streams
in English and German in which is text written on screen and the credits
in German and English. Additionally the audio streams.

So the German Edition would play German audio, the German intro, the
main movie, "interrupted" by the small chunks of video pieces that
contain written text in German as video and the German credits.

I am not sure if an Edition allows using the same audio-track even when
switching out the video-file.

Would that work with matroska just by using editions? (I know that some
players can play editions, so at least here it would be supported

If editions are just not enough to make it work that way or in a similar
fashion, would virtual tracks be of any help?

Again, this is all just a theoretic concept. I am not about to create
such a file, but it would be interesting to know if content creators
would be able to create files for a multilingual audience in a single
matroska file, without having to include two or more complete
video-streams, because of some written text in them.

I am not talking about subtitles, if anyone thinks I am, because I said
written text.

Thanks for any input.


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