[Matroska-users] make mkvalidator show the processed filename and output to file

Sebastian G. <bastik> bastik.public.mailinglist at gmx.de
Thu Dec 31 18:19:55 CET 2015


I'm on Windows and when I do

> CMD /k C:\mkvalidator\mkvalidator.exe $path\$filename.ext

I get:
> WRN0D0: There are 5126 bytes of void data
> mkvalidator 0.5.0: the file appears to be valid
> file created with [...]

if I add --details, it tells me about the tracks.

There is nothing that tells me which file I just checked. What do I have
to do to see what file the report is about?

I don't type $path\$filename, so I don't know for which file the report is.

Also I fail to write the results to a file.

When I do:
> dir > C:\test\dir.txt
I get a dir.txt with the directory contents as a list. Nothing is output
in the CMD window (console window).

When I do:
> C:\mkvalidator\mkvalidator.exe $path\$filename.ext >
I get an empty log.txt and everything is still output to the console window.

Even if I use "2 >" to redirect error messages it fails, because then it
treats the file name like a parameter.

So how do I redirect the output of mkvalidtor to a file?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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