[Matroska-users] MKVToolNix v7.2.0 released

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Sat Sep 13 19:37:37 CEST 2014


I've released mkvtoolnix v7.2.0. It fixes a couple of small
bugs. Furthermore it fixes compilation with the just-released Boost
v1.56.0 which is source-incompatible to earlier releases in certain

Behind the scenes a lot of work has gone into the re-write of mmg
called MKVToolNix GUI. This release is the first one to feature a
preview of that new GUI, but only in the Windows binaries (users of
other operating systems will have to compile the package themselves if
they want to run the new GUI). More details are available at

For packagers: note that the REAMDE file has been converted to
Markdown format. Therefore it has been renamed to README.md.

Here are the usual links...

...to the home page:

...to the source code:

...to the Windows installer and 7zip archive:

All of the Linux binaries that I provide have already been built and
are available.

Here's the full ChangeLog since release 7.1.0:

2014-09-13  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

        * Released v7.2.0.

        * MKVToolNix GUI: included a first preview version in the Windows
        installer and portable releases.

2014-09-08  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

        * mkvmerge: bug fix: Fixed calculating AC3 delay from garbage data
        when reading AC3 from AVIs. This stopped working in release 5.4.0
        due to commit 97cc2121.

2014-09-06  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

        * mkvextract: bug fix: SSA/ASS files with sections after
        "[Events]" in their CodecPrivate are now handled correctly. Fixes

2014-09-05  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

        * mkvmerge: bug fix: Fixed handling certain edit list types in MP4
        files that are used for positive track delays. Fixes #1059.

2014-08-09  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

        * source: Fixed compilation with Boost 1.56.0 which changed the
        »indexed« range adaptor in an incompatible way.

        * mkvpropedit, mmg's header editor: bug fix: when editing files
        with missing track UID elements such an element will be generated
        automatically instead of crashing and leaving the file in an
        unplayable state. Part of a fix for #1050.

        * mkvmerge: bug fix: Reading Matroska files with missing track UID
        elements will no longer cause mkvmerge to abort with an error. A
        warning is printed and a new unique track ID generated
        instead. Part of a fix for #1050.

Have fun.

Kind regards,
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