[Matroska-users] Looking for help as I get no audio after merging MP4, .srt & H.264

Javier de PC javierpcarrera at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 3 00:33:24 CET 2013

Hi there, a newby here.

On my windows xp (sp3) I am using the (great) mkvmergeGUI to merge .mp4 (encoded in h.264) with .srt file. I am getting a great output, although with no video. The starting .mp4 file can be played along with the subs in VLC and WM while the output .mkv file only shows video and subs with no audio. 

I cannot get the soundtrack to merge, getting this message in the log:

mkvmerge v5.9.0 ('On The Loose') built on Dec  9 2012 15:37:01

'C:\Documents and Settings\user\Mis documentos\VIDEO dashboard-dailyroads\Videos BICI\20121228165722_40.43480_
-3.71905_1000000.mp4': Using the demultiplexer for the format 'QuickTime/MP4'.

Warning: Quicktime/MP4 reader: Unknown/unsupported FourCC 'samr' for track 0.

'C:\Documents and Settings\user\Mis documentos\VIDEO dashboard-dailyroads\Videos BICI\20121228165722_40.43480_
-3.71905_1000000.srt': Using the demultiplexer for the format 'SRT subtitles'.

Warning: 'C:\Documents and Settings\user\Mis documentos\VIDEO dashboard-dailyroads\Videos BICI\20121228165722_
40.43480_-3.71905_1000000.mp4' track 1: The AVC video track is missing the 'CTTS' atom for frame timecode offsets.
 However, AVC/h.264 allows frames to have more than the traditional one (for P frames) or two (for B frames) 
references to other frames. The timecodes for such frames will be out-of-order, and the 'CTTS' atom is needed 
for getting the timecodes right. As it is missing the timecodes for this track might be wrong. You should watch 
the resulting file and make sure that it looks like you expected it to.

'C:\Documents and Settings\user\Mis documentos\VIDEO dashboard-dailyroads\Videos BICI\20121228165722_40.43480_-3.71905_1000000.mp4' track 1: Using the output module for the format 'AVC/h.264'.

'C:\Documents and Settings\user\Mis documentos\VIDEO dashboard-dailyroads\Videos BICI\20121228165722_40.43480_-3.71905_1000000.srt' track 0: Using the output module for the format 'text subtitles'.

The file 'C:\Documents and Settings\user\Mis documentos\VIDEO dashboard-dailyroads\Videos BICI\20121228165722_40.43480_-3.71905_1000000.mkv' has been opened for writing.

Progress: 0%
Progress: 21%
Progress: 42%
Progress: 62%
Progress: 83%
Progress: 100%
Progress: 100%

The cue entries (the index) are being written...

Muxing took 3 seconds.

Even me, I can see that there is an issue (may be not supported?) with the audio codec FourCC 'samr'...Is it any work around for this? What about the 'CTTS' atom thingy? I reviewed the threads back to 2009 and found nothing; did googling until got my eyelids burnt and nooothing...

Anyhow, I would like to solve this issue before going and trying other similar software...But it will be great to make it work, love the programe already. It is for 
personal use, so i can keep a library of my road incursions, and hoping 
to get a worth to watch traffic event and posted in the net, hehehe (BTW, any way to make a -modest- donation?)

If this was not the right channel, please let me know!

Cheers and happy new year,

Javier (aka RiverPatrol)

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