[Matroska-users] Question about playing two tracks simultaneously

Alex Alab Artemieff causemen at mail.ru
Fri Aug 24 17:47:20 CEST 2012

Hello everybody!
My name is Alex, I'm an extensive mkv files user, but it's the first time ever I'm asking a question.
I've got many bilingual movies (Eng+French) and I wish I could watch them in French while everybody else I'm watching the movies with is listening to the English track. For instance, I could have my French track channeled to my headphones and and the English one channeled to the speakers for my friends. Is there any player that could do this kind of channeling or any way to make it happen? Is is practicable?
I'm using an E-MU1820 sound card with multiple outputs.
Looking forward to reading back from you.
Many thanks.
Kind regards,
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