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Sat Aug 20 11:36:19 CEST 2011

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Am 20.08.2011 01:45, schrieb Matthew Heaney:
> I'm looking into adding metadata support in WebM (it's basically a
>  subset of MKV, but with doctype "webm").  I've been looking at the
>  Matroska Tags specification and I had a few questions.

I can't help you with your questions.

Google picked matroska and stripped features from it. To make support
easier, I guess. This includes subtitles and tags. So whenever you
store tags in WebM they might get ignored, because all filters, which
are working close to the specs of WebM are not looking for them.

As far as I know there's noting that converts existing tags into
matroska tags. That would be still useful. For .mka, .mkv and .mk3d

Support for metadata would be nice, but might violate the specs. While
matroska can hold nearly every video and audio format WebM has been
limited to VP8 and vorbis. (You know in advance what you have to expect)

As I heard Google releases a new format based on matroska I thought
the would keep subtitles, chapters and tags. Would be useful for TED
talks and such stuff.

I hope somebody can help you with this.

20 Aug 2011, 11:36 (+0200)

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