[Matroska-users] Setting the right parameters for Matroska Stereo 3D

Jörg Knitter joerg.knitter at gmx.de
Thu Oct 14 01:57:57 CEST 2010


I want to make a 3D-side-by-side MKV that corresponds to the latest 
Matroska standardisation. But I have several questions, and I want to 
make sure that everything is set right:
1) Can I use the "old" StereoMode field with mkvmerge GUI and simply set 
it to "1" for "side-by-side; left video first" which corresponds to the 
"old" "left-eye" setting? If I read correctly, you first wanted to 
abandon the "StereoMode field" and now even improved it with the new 
options which unfortunately do not fit to the old ones...
Or do I really have to wait for the new releases?
2) If the source video is full hd and side-by-side so that the picture 
of every eye gets only the half horizontal resolution (like 3D TV), does 
the aspect ratio still have to be 16:9?
3) What display size do I have to enter? The final display size 
(1920x1080) or the size of the image that has to be displayed for every 
eye and scaled by the player, in this case 960x1080?

With kind regards

Joerg Knitter

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