[Matroska-users] problem playing ogg

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Sat Oct 2 22:17:09 CEST 2010

installing haali with ogg  splitter doesnt work properly cant see theora video ie.sintel.ogv from here http://www.sintel.org/wp-content/content/download.html , only way to play ogv is uninstall haali and have newest oggcodecs installed from here http://xiph.org/dshow/ ,


problem:after i reinstalled haali with ogg splitter UCNHECKED haali still tries to split the .ogv movie and since ffdshow cant play the theora video (ffdshow can play vorbis audio using its tremor mode fine using haali splitter), again movie wont play, again i must uninstall haali bundle and leave uninstalled


but i like haali splitting matroska worked great on divxplus mkv version of sintel movie and haali showed all subtitle tracks, audio and 3 embedded movies, and i like the haali renderer plays 10% faster than default video renderer, but i cant install haali bundle beacase it screws up oggmedia


please fix haali so install witthout oggsplitter works, thanks


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