[Matroska-users] Need help with choppy sound playback

Viorel Petrisor vio_dmw at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 14 20:54:17 CET 2010

I am using Haali Media Splitter along with FFDShow Video Decoder with BsPlayer 
Free, everything is up to date, and I stumbled upon a problem when playing a 
1080p movie: I hear clicks when many sound effects are playing. When 
double-clicking the Haali icon, at the About page, I see the Video graph whithin 
limits (mas 23395, Average 10878), but the Audio is at its peak at all times 
(max 640, current 640). I haven't found any option to raise the "Max" value for 
Audio, can anyone help me with that? I have searched the forums and all, but to 
no result. Note that my system handles 1080p playback flawlessly, so it's not a 
hardware problem. Also, I have tried lower sound settings, and it worked with 
myspeakers set to 16bit, 8000Hz, but the audio quality made me run in terror and 
not try any other values.
Thank you!


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