[Matroska-users] live streaming

Gordiychuck Oleg mybrokenbeat at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 14:42:41 CET 2010

	I'm building some video-streaming application. I use (libav*) ffmpeg to decode and play video and own protocol for transporting video. Now just read the input file (part by part) from server side and send it via my own protocol to the client-app, where i'm playing it. Everything works fine! Now I want my application to work with live streaming video. As we have read on matroska.org, mkv-container provides live streaming support. For that I just need to set all segments to unknown size and after that I can freely concatenate those segments to my buffer-file and transport them through the network. So I need to encode any input video with such rules.  But, unfortunately, I haven't found any information about how to do it with libav*\libmatroska or some other way. Can I just encode input video in such way with ffmpeg application ? Or I can do it only with libmatroska\libeml? Some other way?

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