[Matroska-users] vob2mkv-1.0.4 released

Matthew Heaney matthewjheaney at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 30 06:31:54 CEST 2010

This is a feature update of the VOB2MKV utility, for converting a set of VOB
files to MKV.

The command-line parsing in the VOB2MKV application has been greatly
improved. You can now get full usage information from the application itself
(either by running the app without any arguments, or by specifying the
--help switch). The README.TXT file has been updated with an extensive
description of the switches and how to use them.

The VOB2MKV application now supports a script mode, for use when the app is
called from within a script. The text sent to standard output has a format
designed for easy parsing. An example script, CallVob2Mkv.vbs, demonstrates
how to capture text from the app and parse it using a regular expression.

This release also includes a new splitter-style filter, MKVSPLIT, that
demuxes a stream-based source connected to its input pin. The source can be
a local file (by using the Async Reader filter) or a network download (by
using the URL Source filter).

See the README.TXT file for more detailed information about the VOB2MKV
utility and its various components.

Full source code is provided for all of the DirectShow filters in the
VOB2MKV project.  You can find the source code on the Source Code tab of the
project home page, or use SVN to download it directly.  The URL for the
Subversion repository is:


The trunk and release URLs are:



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