[Matroska-users] mkvtoolnix 3.1.0 released

Mike Castle dalgoda+matroska at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 10:14:11 CET 2010

I think the problem is with .vob files > 4G.

First, 3.0.0 on the same system works.

I created the vob using mplayer with a command like:

mplayer -dumpstream dvd://1

The problem seems to kick in pretty early, though the actual size of
the .mkv varies with the vob.  For a 4.2G one, it gets to about 105M
before it starts spinning, while on the 6.2G one, it's 402M.

If I truncate the .vob file to < 4G, it works.  At exactly 4G, it
doesn't even get around to opening the .mkv file.

For reference, here's some output from mkvmerge -i (same for both
files, though completely different discs):

File '1.1-37.1.vob': container: MPEG 2 program stream (PS)
Track ID 0: video (MPEG-2)
Track ID 1: audio (AC3)
Track ID 2: audio (AC3)
Track ID 3: audio (AC3)


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