[Matroska-users] mkvmerge and non-AC3 data

Mike Castle dalgoda at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 16:53:20 CET 2010

This morning I came across a DVD where one of the tracks is giving me
the warning:
Warning: 'a.vob' track 1: This AC3 track contains 480 bytes of non-AC3
data which were skipped. The audio/video synchronization may have been

A whole slew of them throughout the file, and sure enough, by the end
of the 22 minute track, A/V is out of sync by about 5 seconds or so.

Usually whenever I have an A/V problem with mkvmerge, instead of
pulling in all of the tracks from the vob, I'll make a different avi
for each audio track and then merge those instead.   That doesn't work
for this case.

So, what Linux supported tools do most folks use to work around this
issue?   I've seen references to ac3fix, but that seems to be win32
only app.


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