[Matroska-users] Collection of MKV files becoming unwatchable with newer installs of splitter

Andrew Boisen removed
Tue Jan 12 04:07:13 CET 2010

I'm looking for a little advice. I have a large collection (100+) of .mkv
movies that I had successfully watched using Haali Media Splitter between
2008-2009. I currently have the newest version (19/12/2009) of Haali Media
Splitter installed and about 1 in 10 of these movies now plays with horrible
green pixelation that obscures most of the video. Audio seems unaffected.

I can watch all these files without problem from VLC player, the problem is
present when using Windows 7 MCE. I assume because MCE uses DirectX to play
the video, and thus Haali Media Splitter is being invoked?

I would appreciate some guidance as to how I might diagnose what is going
on. I've tried to detect a pattern to the mkv movies that are playing up,
but haven't found any. Seems random to my eyes.

Also, Is there a way to get older versions of Haali Media Splitter to test

Andrew Boisen
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