[Matroska-users] HaaliMediaSplitter, Windows Server 2008

Christophe.Jalady at sail-technology.com Christophe.Jalady at sail-technology.com
Wed May 6 13:57:29 CEST 2009


        I have problem using HaaliMediaSplitter under Windows Server 2008.
        I have installed the last version of HaaliMediaSplitter, then I 
try to play within WMP an URL like "http://localhost/videoFile.ts", This 
doesn't work.
        If I try to play the same URL with my own application (a simple 
c++ .exe which build the DirectShow graph and try to read the video), I 
get the error popup of HaaliMediaSplitter: "Error: can't open file: 
Unspecified Error"

        I have the same setup on a Windows XPSp2 and Windows 2003 and it 

        Do you know some issue under Windows server 2008 ? Can I enable 
some loging on the HaaliMedisSplitter filter to try to understand what 
happen ?

Thank for your work on this project.

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