[Matroska-users] where and how to install in the program files

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 14:15:03 CET 2009

webmaster at bruyerevincentdesign.com>

>  urgent
> producing video
> using matroska progs and files,
> gordian knot and divx
> re windows xp pro
> 1. please recommend for the functionality ,
> the right placed installation in the program files of
> -VirtualDubMod
> -ffdshow
> -haali media splitter
> either
> installed with the cccpack and gordian knot
> and/or
> each prog installed seperately in the program files
> and/or
> installed in both places

The default installation should be suitable for any/all purposes. If you
wish to know more about those programs, please contact their developers.
This mailing list deals with the Matroska container (its growth,
development, use, and issues) and the officially sanctioned Matroska tools
(libmatroska, Matroska muxing tools). Anything else ought to be taken up
with the developers of the tools you're using.

>  2. please advice
> where to place the MatroskaSplitter and MatroskaMuxer

If you're using the Haali Media Splitter it's a moot point, since the
Splitter will take care of that. Its location on your hard drive shouldn't
have an impact on performance. If performance is an issue, I would suggest
defragmenting your hard drive with an advanced defragmenting tool (that is,
a highly reputable program other than the default Microsoft defragmenter).

>  3. please advice and recommend
> If any special placement of progs and files can secure and
> improve functionality

Defaults all the way, that's all you'll usually need.

>  thank you in advance, please answer fast to
> mbv at bruyerevincentdesign.com
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