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Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 22:11:03 CET 2009

This is the wrong place to be asking about this. MP4 files are not related to Matroska files in any way. We do not maintain the Haali media splitter either. Further more, I don't think Haali even touches MP4 files, and they're being handled by the media players themselves, which we also don't maintain. I would suggest figuring out what's going on (what's handling the file, which players are doing what, etc) and contacting whoever is responsible for whatever isn't working right.

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Subject:	[Matroska-users] Subtitle question...
From:	"Alexander J. Fanti" <alexfanti at verizon.net>
Date:		03/21/2009 17:11


I have an MP4 file created with Nero Recode 2 (AVC HD, Base Media 
Version 2, Main at L3.0). I have added two subtitle "tracks". I am using 
FFDShow as the decoder. Using GraphEdit I can build a graph with all 
pins connected. I have Subtitles "checked" in FFDShow, and "Autoload 
VSFilter" set to Yes. (although I've tried that both ways and not seen a 
difference in behavior).

I can get the 2nd subtitle to display consistently. Choosing the "No 
Subtitles" from the Haali tray popup does NOT turn them off (when I'm 
seeing sub #2) and choosing the 1st subtitle sometimes results in the 
subtitle (#1) being displayed, but often it does not (sub #1 simply 
MIA). I cannot figure out any pattern, just that usually it doesn't 
work, but sometimes it does.

Does anyone have any insight into using subtitles here? Can you point me 
to any information that may help me get the subtitles working 
consistently and properly?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me,

alex.fanti at verizon.net

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