[Matroska-users] crop broken mkv at last IDR frame

mkv-fanboy nise at newmail.ru
Tue Jun 23 18:30:03 CEST 2009

i often have to abort x264 encoding in megui before it's done (for time 
reasons), to continue encoding further next day from where i left off. i 
noticed that mkvs produced after megui abort command sometimes seem to be 
broken in some way, because when i later concatenate/"append" all parts 
together there is a slight stutter in playback at the border between parts.

so im guessing maybe abort in megui may produce an incomplete GOP or smth like 
that at the end of file that just needs to be trimmed off. so would it be 
possible to add an option to mmg/mkvmerge to split input mkv at last IDR frame 
and write log how many frames have been written to the new healthy file?

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