[Matroska-users] Ask about Core parser library

Biuro | AZBOX POLSKA biuro at azboxpolska.pl
Tue Jun 23 17:32:36 CEST 2009


Im Piotr Kasprzak

Im looking everywhare Core parser library ..


Im want use this library in software from Azbox HD - This is device on
SigmaDesigns 8634

This library will be very helpful for me .. 


Please tell me from where I can get ?? because im try contact with over
Haali home page


"This is the core library that is used in the splitter and utilities, it's
written in plain C and is higly portable. The library source is available
upon request. Please mail mike at haali.net. Please note, that this component
is a low level library that can be used for integrating Matroska support
into embedded devices, standalone players, or custom applications. It does
not include any DirectShow related code. I do not distribute the complete
splitter source."


But without any success L


I will be very very graceful



Best regards


Piotr Kasprzak


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