[Matroska-users] mkv file playback

c den hartog dvdmovieman at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 15:47:05 CEST 2009


I`m using subtittle workshop and for the stand alone program you need to
install some codecs for playback using .
Now i have bin searching on the web for a small codec that does the job,
just playback.
But although (see below) the codec package shout be enough, it gives no
playback. Only sound.
The file is a mkv and checkt bij GSPOT codec information.

What am i missing

This is a Matroska Playback Pack for minimalists who hate bloated Codec
*Features of Lazy Man's MKV 0.99* :

- Matroska Splitter
- RealMediaSplitter
- VSFilter 2.37

Thanks for a reply
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