[Matroska-users] Reinstallng haali splitter broke EVERYTHING

Spiced Ham notspicedham at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 9 17:08:37 CEST 2009


Hoping some of you will know what's going on here...

On WindowsXP...

A few weeks back I bought a codec that included the haali splitter. When I upgraded it, the upgrade package reinstalled the Haali splitter.

So far, so good.

But, when it did that, ALL VIDEO STOPPED PLAYING. Everything was TOTALLY busted. I had to uninstall the Haali splitter to get things working again.

Has anybody else seen this problem? Any ideas as to how to fix this? The codec requires the splitter (not sure why: shouldn't there already BE a media splitter installed in Windows XP? Otherwise, videos wouldn't play!), and without it AVHC (sp?) videos play very poorly.



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