[Matroska-users] mkvtoolnix 2.9.7 released

Moritz Bunkus m.bunkus at linet-services.de
Thu Jul 2 11:13:36 CEST 2009


I've released mkvtoolnix v2.9.7. This release contains mostly bug fixes
and two prominent changes to mmg.

1. Chapters and tags are now handled in the same way that tracks are:
they can be checked individually, and properties like charset can be set
for each entry.

2. The user can now change the list of "common" languages that appear at
the top of language drop down boxes.

Here are the usual links...

...to the home page:

...to the source code:

...to the Windows installer and 7zip archive:

The Linux binaries that I provide myself have already been uploaded.

Here's the full ChangeLog since release 2.9.5:

2009-07-01  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* Released v2.9.7.

2009-06-28  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* mkvmerge: bug fix: The handling of NVOPs in native MPEG4 part 2
	video storage has been improved. NVOPs are dropped again both from
	packed and non-packed bitstreams, and timecodes are adjusted to
	match the number of dropped frames.

2009-06-25  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* mmg: The "preferences" dialog has been split up into several
	tabs. Some other preferences available in other dialogs have been
	merged into the "preferences" dialog.

	* mkvmerge: bug fix: The I frame detection for AVC/h.264 video has
	been fixed. Sometimes a single I frame was recognized as two or
	more consecutive I frames resulting in garbled display and wrong
	timestamps. Fix for bug 415.

2009-06-23  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* mmg: new feature: The list of common languages can be configured
	by the user via the 'preferences' dialog.

2009-06-22  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* all: bug fix: The programs do not try to close iconv handles -1
	anymore which resulted in segfault during uninitialization on some
	platforms (e.g. FreeBSD, Mac OS X). Fix for bug 412.

2009-06-21  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* mkvmerge: bug fix: Complete rewrite of the code for the native
	storage mode for MPEG4 part 2 video tracks. Fix for bug 298.

2009-06-18  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* mkvmerge: bug fix: Made the detection rules for raw MP3, AC3 and
	AAC audio files more strict. This avoids a mis-detection of
	certain files, e.g. AVC/h.264 ES files being misdetected as MP3
	files. Fix for bug 414.

2009-06-14  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* mkvmerge: bug fix: Appending MP4 or OGM files with chapters will
	merge the chapters from all appended files and not just take the
	chapters from the first file and discard the chapters from the
	following files. Fix for bug 397.

	* mkvmerge, mmg: new feature: The language for chapters read from
	files such as OGM and MP4 files can be chosen with the
	--chapter-language command line option. Fix for bug 399.

	* mkvmerge, mmg: new feature: Chapter and tag information
	contained in source files are now shown in the "track" selection
	box and can be toggled individually. The user can set the charset
	for chapters if the source file's chapters are not encoded in
	UTF-8 (e.g. in some OGM/MP4 files). The old file specific
	checkboxes "no tags" and "no chapters" have been removed. Fix for
	bug 400.

2009-06-13  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* mmg: bug fix: The chapter editor was corrupting Matroska files
	if the chapters were saved to a file twice in a row without
	reloading them from the Matroska file.

2009-06-09  Moritz Bunkus  <moritz at bunkus.org>

	* mmg: enhancement: If the user selects the option "Verify" from
	the "Chapters" menu then a message will be shown even if the
	validation succeeded. Fix for bug 410.

	* mmg/mkvmerge: bug fix: Adding MP4 files with chapter entries
	that are not encoded in UTF-8 will not result in mkvmerge aborting
	with a message about invalid UTF-8 sequences anymore. Fix for bug

Have fun.


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