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Aamir Akbar wrote:
> Hi, 
> i am using mkv format to record the video for my work. now i need to access the properties of mkv file that has been created. can u guide me how access these properties. specially "File Creation time" and "modified time". is it through header. and plz tell me how.

As far as "File creation" and "File modified" times, you're not going to
find that in the Matroska header. That information would be found in
your filesystem. Depending on the OS, that information may all be
available, or only some of it may exist.

For example: In Mac OS X, you can find out this information by either
choosing your file and going into the File menu and clicking on Get Info
(Or Command+I (⌘+I)), or by changing the View Options (View -> View
Options, or Command+J/⌘+J) and checking off "Date Modified" and "Date
Created." See attached images for the windows you're looking for.

In Linux, it all depends on the graphical file viewer you're using,
though through the terminal you can find out all the information you
need with the ls command (this information applies to Mac OS X as well,
actually). After sorting through the man pages, all I can find is the
use of "last modified," though I'm sure most Linux-compatible
filesystems (EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, Reiser, ZFS, etc) keep track of this
information. The command to consider is
ls -lhGc
This will force long output (which includes (in order) attributes, I
don't know, Group owner(I think), User owner(I think), size, date/time
last modified, Filename. An example of output would look like this:
drwxr-xr-x   6 kichigai  kichigai   408B Jan 11 17:42 Applications
You may wish to consult a Linux guru for more information.

Now, as far as Windows goes, you might be in trouble. I don't know if
FAT16/FAT32 keep track of the file creation date, but they do keep track
of the file modification date. This is easily looked up by accessing the
file's Properties. NTFS should keep track of both attributes, but I
don't know if Propterties will list them both. Haven't had too much
extensive interaction with a Windows system for several years. Sorry!

Good luck. FYI, since this isn't a Matroska-specific question, you may
wish to look elsewhere for more information, as we are not the likely
source of extensive information on your particular computer system.
Finding a forum or IRC channel dedicated to your particular OS is likely
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