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Dhyane LHR wrote:
> Hi There!,
> I could not find a proper answer to my question in your mailing list archive so i was wondering whether you can help me instead.
> My OS is Windows XP Professional 2002 SP2. I want to create matroska videos.how do i convert AVI to MKV??what software do i need?what codecs do i need?

MKVMerge is the tool you want. Matroska is just a container, so you
don't have to worry about codecs or anything like that. Just run the
muxer, specify the tracks you want (that is, audio tracks, video tracks,
subtitle tracks, and chapter listings), attachments (documents, images,
support files for subtitles, fonts, etc), and let 'er rip!

> For example, Video1 720p HDTV x264 which is commonly available for downloading.I want to create videos like that..how do i do that???

In order to make a video like that, you need a good source. You'd need
some kind of digital television tuner or a BluRay disc, a good high
definition camcorder (Something running DVCPro HD, or XDCam, perhaps a
crazy JVC "ProHD" HDV camera or something), and some careful tweaking of
the encoder to get that kind of quality. But once you get all that taken
care of, it's a waiting game. Trial-and-error is involved too, so
there's a lot of patience that goes into it. But, once you figure out
how everything works, and the optimal configurations, and such, it's all

> Thank You

No problem, man.

> dhyane
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