[Matroska-users] converting mkv video

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 18:35:40 CET 2009

Malcolm - Loes wrote:
> I have downloaded an mkv video and I want to burn it to dvd using nero 
> – but it does not support this type of file How can I covert the file 
> so that it can burnt or have you a burner which will burn the file so 
> that can be played on a dvd player
> Hope you can help
> malcolm
There's a Windows application called DVD Santa that can do the trick for 
you. However, it's not free. If you do want free, however, you can look 
up FFMPEG, which is an open source project that has no problems with MKV 
files. FFMPEG, being a command line application, can be a little 
intimidating sometimes, so you might want to find a graphical interface 
for it (a GUI). There's probably a couple dozen of those out there for 
Windows, and they're all free.

Just an FYI: FFMPEG cannot directly burn DVDs. It can, however, create a 
properly formatted Video_TS folder, which is essentially a DVD that just 
hasn't been burned to a disc. Nero can handle that part of the job 
without breaking a sweat.

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