[Matroska-users] hello matroska plz help!!

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 10:27:03 CET 2009

shaheeza sheikh wrote:
> I have downloaded a film that is in mkv format.. i cant seem to play it?
> i have flv player and wondows media if thats of any use anyway i dont 
> know what to do so i tohught i would email you to ask for help.
FLV and MKV are two completely different formats, and Matroska has 
relatively little support from what would ordinarily be considered 
mainstream (such as Windows Media Player).

There are two paths you can take here. First is to attempt to retrofit 
Matroska support into the Windows media system through the use of 
something like Haali's Splitter. Typically, the easiest way to make sure 
everything works smoothly from here on out is to use the Community 
Combined Codec Pack (CCCP). I'm looking at the Insurgent scan you've 
sent along, and it seems everything for Matroska support is missing, in 
addition to H.264 and AAC support. I think your copy is just out of 
date. Downloading and installing a new copy might do the trick.

The other option is to use a player with native support for Matroska, 
like MPlayer (http://mplayerhq.hu) and VLC (http://videolan.org). VLC is 
well regarded, and completely open source. I find it to handle whatever 
I can throw at it, and whatever it can't take care of MPlayer does the 
trick. MPlayer is rather... intimidating, so I'd suggest sticking with 
VLC unless you feel confident when it comes to dealing with the command 
> please get back to me thanks =]

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