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Oliver Oli oliver.oli+0815 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 10:34:02 CET 2009

There is a DPX plugin for OSX available (I haven't tried it, no DPX available).

And DPX supprt was recently added to mplayer/mencoder and ffmpeg, but
I guess you have to compile from sources or find a very recent build
of the software.

The good news it should not be too difficult for someone who knows how
to convert a file with mencoder or ffmpeg to encode your DPX file into
a h264/MKV video. Though if you don't have any experience with that
stuff it could be quite hard to figure out how to do it.

2009/12/16 Simon Nikolaidis <nsimon at otenet.gr>:
> Hello from Greece,
> I have recently watched a few movies in MKV and the result is fantastic. So I have decided to use this method to release my fathers films in HD.
> I'm currently restoring my fathers 8 films in 2k and we will be released in dvd and  an HD version.
> The HD version has to fit in a 16gb usb credit card.
> The problem we have is that the HD version of the film is 1.6Terabyte.
> We will have to decode it from the DPX files we have from 1.6T to 14gb without losing any major quality.
> Here in Greece they have no idea about these things plus it is the first time that such a thing is been attempted.
> So, what codec or export type I have to use to get the desired result.
> This is a lot of work that needs guidance from you. Also I want to add subtitles.
> Thank you
> Simon Nikolaidis
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