[Matroska-users] Re : haali 1.9.355.21 and vobsub subtitle not work ??

olivier delestre olivier.delestre at gmail.com
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I reply to me.

All works fine with the correct link, so looks here :
( my conf is windows 7 x64, haali media splitter (19/12/2009 ), vsfilter.dll
vsfilter_x64.dll and that all )

So a last question : I want a gui for the option VSfilter rather than type
"rundll32.exe VSFilter.dll,DirectVobSub" in command line.
What is the prog for that ?



1. haali 1.9.355.21 and vobsub subtitle not work ??
     (olivier delestre)


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Subject: [Matroska-users] haali 1.9.355.21 and vobsub subtitle not
       work ??
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I m a newby in this section.

I have newly install win 7 x64 with haali for play mkv under windows media
center. and vobsub 223.

Compatibility-Autoload VSfilter and set it to Yes  -> ok but nothing

under VLC, all work fine.

My question are simple : How to install/configure haali under win7 x64 and
vobsub ?

A link ? help me.
I read at videohelp, that a bug with last haali and subtitle ?

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