[Matroska-users] Hi

Simon Nikolaidis nsimon at otenet.gr
Wed Dec 16 10:40:35 CET 2009

Hello from Greece,
I have recently watched a few movies in MKV and the result is fantastic. So I have decided to use this method to release my fathers films in HD.
I'm currently restoring my fathers 8 films in 2k and we will be released in dvd and  an HD version.
The HD version has to fit in a 16gb usb credit card. 
The problem we have is that the HD version of the film is 1.6Terabyte.
We will have to decode it from the DPX files we have from 1.6T to 14gb without losing any major quality.
Here in Greece they have no idea about these things plus it is the first time that such a thing is been attempted.
So, what codec or export type I have to use to get the desired result.
This is a lot of work that needs guidance from you. Also I want to add subtitles.
Thank you
Simon Nikolaidis

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