[Matroska-users] Won't play

MPN michael.palijan at bj.htnet.hr
Thu Aug 27 14:34:46 CEST 2009

Dear Matroška !

Great file format of file, I must say at the beggining, but I have a problem watching martoška moveis. Picture and sound aplits, it triggers, stops, moves on again, and won't play properly. I tried to install manyplayers like GOM, BS, or KM, but nothing changed. Do you maybe have a hint what's the problem ?
My configuration is a bit older, but i still think it should run it.

CPU: Athlon xp 1600 and 3000+ (it doesn't work on both)
Graphics: Gigabyte GV-R925128VH and Nvidia Gforce 7600 (it doesn't work on both)
Memory: 2 GB, ddr 1
HDD: 80 GB

thanks a lot, Michael Croatia
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