[Matroska-users] mkv to mp4 conversion help

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 13:26:24 CEST 2008

On Sep 8, 2008, at 17.04, masschelinsb at guilford.edu wrote:

> Dear Mr. Matroska(?)

We're a mailing list actually. There is no "Mr. Matroska," it's just a  
name borrowed from a Russian nesting doll.

>  I have a problem with your video format.  I recently tried to  
> convert a video (in this case G Gundam) to .mp4 format.
> I use OJOsoft's Total Video Converter to convert the files.  After  
> the conversion is done, something strange happens.  The video
> has exactly twice the normal length and has two tracks.  What I mean  
> is that the normal video will play with the english track, and then  
> the exact same video will play again (directly after the first video  
> as they are meshed together.  This accounts for the the extended  
> length) except with no audio.  Its sorta like having the same video  
> meshed together, except one has audio, and the other does not.

OK, I have no experience with OJOsoft or any of their products (I  
actually didn't even know they existed until this morning), but it  
sounds like the problem is with the program, and not with the  
container. I'm assuming there's only one video track and only one  
audio track, so there's no reason any piece of software should do  
this. Perhaps it's some weird interaction with a plug-in or VFW de- 
multiplexer. Does TVC have native (internal) support or not (did you  
have to install anything extra to make it work?)

My advice is to try something a bit more tried-and-true. The FFMPEG  
project has internal support for Matroska, as well as a disgusting  
number of codecs, and it's all open source. Now the trick is that  
FFMPEG is a command-line tool, meaning you run it from a terminal and  
the interface is 100% textual, which a lot of people find  
intimidating. Fortunately, since it's such a reliable and predictable  
tool, a number of front-ends have been built around it, including one  
for Windows (I'm guessing what's what you're using) called FFE (http://corz.org/windows/software/ffe/ 
). It should take care of almost every need that should arise. And  
please, if you have and problems with the software, contact the  
developer, as we have nothing to do with FFMPEG directly. A couple of  
us may be on both mailing lists, but by and large most of us aren't (I  
think) and as such you won't get a lot of help here. The people with  
the information you need are on the FFMPEG (or perhaps even MPlayer,  
since they're so reliant on each other) mailing lists.

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