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Mon Sep 8 17:59:32 CEST 2008

The easiest way is to download MEncoder (part of MPlayer) and use the command line 
mencoder (input file) -ovc copy -oac copy -o (output file)
If you don't feel like using the command line, try using the VLC transcoding wizard. Just uncheck the audio and video codecs.

Just remember: you will lose subtitles not burned into the video.

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Subject:	[Matroska-users] Need help
From:	NiladriBaran Sahu <nbsahu at yahoo.com>
Date:		09/08/2008 2:43 PM


I need help in converting a MKV file into AVI file. Please guide me. The reason for this is my DVD player plays only AVI files. Is there a firmware upgrade for the DVD player which can help it in playing MKV files as well.

The google results for MKV to AVI conversion yield no helpful results.

Eagerly depending on your support,

N B Sahu

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