[Matroska-users] subtitles

Rodney Poole slivers at post.com
Thu Oct 2 03:06:42 CEST 2008

For some time now I haven't been able to see any subtitles in either
subtile formats on wmp. But I played a mkv file that says it has no
subtitle tracks and yet I can read the subtitles when watching it. I can
only watch subs with avi and rmvb now. Why would it suddenly stop showing
the subs like this for all mkv files that have sub tracks even if they
worked before? I have the Matroska Pack Lite v1.1.2, vobsub 2.23, and the
latest version of ffdshow. Could it be any of these, or will I have to
unfortunately update my wmp to version 9? Although I doubt that's it. If
you can think of anything or know where else I could possibly find the
answer to my problem or need a mkvdiag or mediainfo read out or something
then please tell or ask.


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