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Afraid not. The closest thing is the use of Haali's Video Splitter,
but you'll lose a lot of details and you're probably better off just
demuxing the video (like J7N said) and then seeing what Ulead can do
with it. To be honest, though, I haven't a clue what the limitations
of UVS is, or if it will even let you burn HD-DVD content onto DVD
media (Most programs don't let you burn DVD data onto CDs), and even
if it does, it's highly likely that the moment your HD-DVD player
detects a DVD disc, it's immediately going to expect DVD information,
and reject any HD-DVD data.

You're probably better off doing what J7N suggested. Building a home
theater system is actually quite simple these days. I built one that
would do the trick out of an old XBox using XBox Media Center.
Unfortunately for you, however, the XBox simply doesn't have enough
oomph to decode high definition content (but it can upscale standard
definition as high as 1080i pretty well). Fortunately for you,
however, the XBMC guys recognized that the XBox has hit the end of the
road and ported XBMC to Linux, and it was just a short hop skip and a
jump to bring XBMC to its UNIX/BSD cousin: Mac OS X. A Mac Mini
running XBMC should do the trick for you. Just buy a remote (or a
Wiimote if you're feeling experimental, though you may need to get a
Bluetooth transceiver too) and you're set. From what I've heard, it's
a piece of cake to get the Mac version up and running, and given that
it's the exact same software that's running on the XBox, I can
confidently tell you it'll be an awesome experience to use, as it
supports a ton of metadata scrapers (Just tell XBMC if this is a TV
show, music video, movie, etc, and it'll find out everything you could
ever want to know about it) and uses MPlayer/FFMPEG decoding
architectures, so it'll support a huge variety of media codecs out of
the box (and various containers, including, but not limited to, AVI,
MOV, MP4, OGM and MKV) and the special features contained within the
containers (multiple subtitle tracks, multiple audio tracks, chapter
points, etc). On the hardware end, the Mac Mini is, well, small and
unobtrusive, it doesn't have a ton of blinking lights, produces
relatively little heat, has DVI output (which can be converted to VGA
and HDMI) and has a stylish slot-loading DVD drive (XBMC can handle
DVDs, as well as DVD folders and DVD images). $600, less if you buy it
refurbished, and shouldn't cause you as much pain as a more expensive
Windows Media Center based device. From what I hear, I think XBMC for
Mac supports TV tuners as well, but since it doesn't run on PowerPC
based Macs, I can't test it and let you know.

Trust me, it'll be one of the best decisions you ever make.

2008/4/29 marvin <marvinhddvd at yahoo.com.cn>:
>   hi, my name is Marvin and I'm a Hi-Def fan. I have plenty of MKV videos.
>   when I heard the news that Ulead Video Studio 11.5 can burn HDDVD content
> onto a standard DVD disc, i come up with an idea: to burn my MKV videos onto
> several empty DVD-R( kown as  3X DVD), and enjoy Hi-Def video on my 40'' LCD
> through HDDVD player. But unfortunately Video Studio cannot support MKV file
> format(thus cannot convert MKV and burn), so i wonder if there is a plugin
> or something that can enable a video editor to read and edit MKV files
> normally.
>   i'm looking forward a reply, thank you very much.
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