[Matroska-users] Asking for help...

J7N j7n at balticom.lv
Mon May 19 13:51:26 CEST 2008

> Ulead Video Studio 11.5 can burn HDDVD content onto a standard DVD disc

You could tell us what formats Ulead *does* support. Matroska videos can  
be demuxed into the elementary streams using MKVExtract (GUI). But I doubt  
Ulead could do anything with them either.

In any case your aproach costs a lot of time and very likely also video  
quality (which isn't great already on a single DVD release). Instead of  
relying on proprietary technologies like Video DVD, you could build a Home  
Theater computer for your living room. This way you can load MKV files  
straight from your archival medium or over the network with zero latency,  
and not be limited to any file format.


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