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Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
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I, my friend, have your answer. Converting to AVI can be messy because Matroska does several things that AVI can't do (or doesn't do well), and 99% of the time when Matroska is used, it's because of one of those things that AVI doesn't do. That being said, there is a one-step solution for you, and it's free.

You need ffmpegX. It's a graphical front-end to the open source tool FFMPEG, which has native support for Matroska. ffmpegX is relatively stripped down, compared to FFMPEG itself, but it should get the job done. There is a pre-set that should dump nearly any kind of input to a VIDEO_TS folder which any respectable burning app can handle (Not sure if dragging and dropping it in The Finder will work, so I'd use something like Toast or Disco if you've got it).

ffmpegX may seem like a perfect miracle tool, but it is forced (due to legal obligations) to bring some of its UNIX command line heritage with it. You need to manually download and install MPlayer, MEncoder and mpeg2enc. Fortunately, you are given links to where to download the binaries. Just download, decompress, put some place safe, then when ffmpegX asks, tell it where to find them. It should be smooth sailing after that.

Keep in mind that ffmpegX can't do menus, multiple "titles" (programs, videos, etc), chapter points or multiple audio tracks. You can add subtitles, but they must come from a text-baed subtitle (like SRT or SAMI or something like that, but not a VOBsub), and they must be burned into the images (you can extract the subtitles from your Matroska video using mkvextract). It may be possible to do some of these from the command line, but if you've never wrangled with ffmpeg or mplayer or any other highly complex command line tool before, and aren't familiar with video compression terminology, you may just want to stick with the graphical front end and cut your losses.

VisualHub, which is also based on some ffmpeg sources, may be able to do this, but I'm not sure. It costs $30, and I'm not sure if you'd have any benefit. Having used it's less sophisticated sibling, iSquint (based on the same software, just limited to creating MP4s for the iPod, but still with a lot of controls) it's very reliable and has no problems with Matroska.

Good luck!

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dear matroska
		i own a mac and have a mvk file that i wish to burn to dvd. i cant  
find any guides or convertors that arent expensive. how can i convert  
the mvk to avi or dvd or anything that is burnable? please let me know.

Thank you for your time

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