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This is a rather complicated issue that I have just begun to explore.

The short answer is "no." The long answer is "no, not with out making some potentially major changes to the file, depending on its content and what you want out of it." The problem is that Matroska is the only container that does things that other cotainers the XBox supports don't do. Not to say the XBox 360 is incapable of supporting Matroska, it would be relatively minor for Microsoft to write a patch to enable Matroska support.

Depending on the content, it's possible you could go from MKV to AVI, but you might lose some advanced timing and keyframe indexes. You could to MKV to MP4, but you'd have to transcode your audio. If you had soft-subs, you'd have to transcode the video. It's a rather messy quagmire.

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I’m wondering if there is any way of playing =our mkv files on the xbox 360? If not how would I go about converting / =xtracting the file to play on the 360?
Thank you
Richard Dykes
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