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There are only two ways to un-hardsub a movie, and neither is pretty. First is to go into each frame and, by hand, paint 'em out. Not practical. It's also less than optimal since it involves re-encoding the video twice.

The other way to do it is to crop 'em out, but then you lose video information. ffmpeg should be able to crop, letterbox AND kick out to a Video_TS in a single command line. Google knows where to find this awesome open source tool, as well as GUIs (for OS X users, I recommend ffmpegX, and sorry I can't recommend any Windows or Linux GUIs) if you don't want to mess around with the command line. ffmpeg has native suport for Matroska, and an ungodly number of codecs. If you  any problems or questions about ffmpeg, check out their mailing list, lots of great people there.

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Good afternoon. Sorry to bother you but I have looked everywhere for an a=swer to this question but just cannot find it. I have an mkv movie with =ubs hardcoded into it. I am trying to burn it to dvd. I use Winavi to co=vert to vob files but obviously the subs are still showing. Is there any=oftware (free or otherwise) that will allow me to remove these subs and=ave just the movie once converted to dvd format? I would appreciate any=nbsp;help you can give. Thank you.
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