[Matroska-users] would like to insert WMA file into MKV file

Duane Evenson duane-tech at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 12 13:45:13 CET 2008

Ivan Kowalenko wrote:
> You can try using the DLLs from WMP with MEncoder, but I can't promise success. It might be a legal issue anyway. I'd contact the MPlayer mailing list for more information.
> You could just try demuxing the two tracks, and just remux them with MKVMerge. Mplayer -dumpaudio and I think -dumpvideo should demux this for you.
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> Subject: [Matroska-users] would like to insert WMA file into MKV file
> I have a WMV file with WMV video and WMA audio. I'd like to convert this 
> to a MKV file so I can also include soft subtitles.
> I used mencoder to mux this to an AVI file. However, mkvmerge does not 
> support importing WMA audio tracks.
> Will this change very soon?
> Is there another option I can use on Linux?
The wmv file format isn't a problem, I just used "mencoder -oac copy 
-ovc copy infile.wmv outfile.avi" to make the container a 
mkvmerge-friendly format. The problem is as soon as mkvmerge sees the 
wma stream in the avi file. I've already tried this with each audio, 
video, and subtitle as a separate file. The problem is with mkvmerge and 
the codec.

Mencoder doesn't seem to work as an alternative. I tried "mencoder -oac 
copy -ovc copy -of lavf -lavfopts format=asf -o outfile.wmv -sub sub.ass 
infile.wmv". This results in a floating point exception error. I get the 
same error trying a srt subtitle file and format=mkv, neither seems to work.

I think my best hope is still to find a way to insert a wma audio codec 
into the mkv container.

If nothing seems to work, then I'm afraid I'll have to break down and 
__transcode__ (shiver) the audio to vorbis. Before that happens, I'll 
continue to hope someone knows a way to insert the wma audio into the 
mkv container.

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