[Matroska-users] Audio Volume normalisation for muxing Audiotracks

Duane Evenson duane-tech at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 11 13:57:58 CET 2008

Ivan Kowalenko wrote:
> I think that may be one of the few things that Matroska has no native support for. There are some Open Source tools that should offer Normalization functions for most formats, but I'm not near a computer, so I can't confirm any of this.
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> Subject: [Matroska-users] Audio Volume normalisation for muxing Audiotracks
> Hello,
> I have the Problem that I have a Video with one Audiotrack and I want
> to mux another language to it.
> OK that's easy but how can I get the two languages to the same
> soundlevel? The first Audiofile is about 50% louder then the other
> one.
> Is there a way to normalise the two tracks?
> Thanks Ben
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Try audacity. It's what I've been using to prepare dual language audio 
tracks. I use it most for syncing up the sounds so things like thumps 
are simultaneous in both languages. With audacity, I can add silences or 
trim the added track easily. Once done I go Effect-->Normalize. You this 
may not get you everything you want because it will amplify the loudest 
sound to the maximum range -- some dubs are very quiet with large spikes 
in volume --then it takes some extra preprocessing. It is also good in 
that although it requires wav files for input (use mplayer to output to 
pcm/wav format), it will export as wav, mp3 or (my favourite) ogg vorbis.
Good luck.

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