[Matroska-users] Problems with dvd conversion

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
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Well, the video quality thing isn't inherent to Matroska, it's probably just a high quality source that's been well compressed. As far as conversion goes, it may have to do with the video's resolution (Matroska is popular when compressing high definition media, and I have no clue how DVDSanta reacts to greater-that-NTSC resolutions). You could look into an ffmpeg-based solution. I know there are FFMPEG builds for Windows, that FFMPEG reads practically anything, FFMPEG has a DVD exporting preset, it'll downscale any resolution to any other resolution, is free (as in open source, as in both speech and beer), and there are several GUIs for Windows which should make FFMPEG easier to learn and use. Can't speak from experience here since I havn't a Windows box to test solutions with, but I know based on experience with Mac OS builds, FFMPEG will do the job, but not all the way. It'll produce a VIDEO_TS folder, which any DVD burning program should be able to burn as a DVD video. I know Nero has a Video_TS setting, and I'm 99% sure Roxio's offerings have that too.

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I've got some movies in mkv that i would like to have converted to dvd, 
but dvd santa doesnt detect some of those files and x to dvd creates 
audio delays besides its amazing picture quality with the mkv files is 
there any other solution to convert them to dvd??

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