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Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
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More details are required. Like what kind of codec is this? A diagnostics dump would actually be quite useful, especially if you could provide more details about what you did, and the exact error messages you're getting.

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I've downloaded a MKV file and the =ecessary codec to open it. 
I have Nero 8 Premium and using the =atroska Pack, I can watch .MKV movies. (All MKv files that i've downloaded worked =retty well on Nero 8 but...)
The problem is: I've downloaded a movie =MKV) but there's no image, just dolby sound (using Nero 8 Premium) 
I know it works if I use the Windows =edia Player, but Nero 8 is the best. 
While my MKV files run slowly on WMP or =CL player, on Nero 8 there's no problem and the quality is the same. 
I was just wondering if there is any =oftware that I can use to re-encode the MKV file (I'm almost sure if i do that it =ill work) 
I tryied VirtualDubMod but it just =onverts AVI to MKV and it doesn't play MKV file (and I have the codec).
So, if you know something that I can =se to play it on my Nero 8, i'd be grateful.
Waiting your answer...
Josh Horowit
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